If you are not sure about the difference between thermal TRANSFER and thermal DIRECT labels:

  • thermal TRANSFER labels are for printers that use a ribbon,
  • thermal DIRECT labels are for printers that don’t use a ribbon (the labels are heat-sensitive which is how the print is made).

If you have any doubts, please contact us on 01376 345955 for free, friendly help and advice.

All of our products are FULLY COMPATIBLE with leading thermal printers used in the market today.

Please refer to our Compatibility Guarantee.

whichwayPlease click on the diagram which shows the variations of ‘leading edge’ that can be requested on label rolls.

If any doubt, please contact us for free, friendly help and advice.

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Yes. We have 30 years’ experience of producing labels for barcode printers.

Please choose from our quick-supply stock range, or contact us for other sizes.

Made-to-order labels can also be supplied very quickly, with emergency orders often despatched on the same day (depending on the time and quantity of order).

We will always try to help and get some labels to you urgently.


Yes. We have 30 years’ experience of printing labels with barcodes.

We can print various symbologies, variable and non-variable, and are happy to offer free advice.

Please refer to our Barcode page, or please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes. You can choose from a combination of up to 7 colours, although fluorescent or metallic colours may be a little more expensive than standard colours.

CLSdesignYes. We offer a full label design service, whether you need us to create a label from your rough sketch, copy an existing label, or come up with a completely new idea. You will be in control throughout and have the final sign-off on the label design.

Types of colour printing

The type of printing used for your label will depend on your requirements and budget. We will always discuss this with you to ensure that you get the best result at the best price for your needs.

custom-design-labelsFour-colour process printing

Labels printed in four-colour process use up to four ink colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), selected by choosing Pantone colours (a process we can help you with if required).

For each colour used, a printing ‘plate’ is required, ie a three-colour label will need three separate plates. There is a full explanation on Wikipedia here

The printing process uses ‘dots’ of ink to create blocks of colour, with different size dots creating either a light or dark shade of the colour. Occasionally the blocks of colour may not be dense enough to create the desired effect; if this is the case, additional ‘spot colours’ can be used to enhance the image.

Up to 7 Colour Printing

Most label requirements can be printed quite happily in up to four colours. However, some high-profile, prestige labels use more colours (including metallic) and thus a four-colour process is not suitable.

Again, for each colour used a separate printing plate will be required.

Many of our standard stock ranges can be despatched the same day (depending on the time of order and the quantity required). We are also highly experienced in working to very tight deadlines (even on custom-designed labels) and will always do our utmost to help you achieve your required delivery date.

Please contact us on 01376 345955 to discuss your requirements.

On our plain white (barcode) label stock ranges, there is usually a minimum order of one box, as the labels are already packaged up ready for despatch. For all other orders, there is no minimum (or maximum!) order quantity.