IngredientsLegislative demands on food manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers and retailers mean that there is hardly a food item left that does not require some sort of information label.

Additionally, your ingredients labels may need to withstand:

  • cold or hot temperatures,
  • contact with other substances (eg oils, chemicals, which could affect the label print), or
  • handling during transit

Our expert advice on the best paper/adhesive/print solution ensures that your ingredients labels are cost-effective, functional and that their appearance is what you want it to be.

New food allergen labelling laws enforced 13 December 2014. Are your labels compliant?

Did you know that your labels – on any type of food product – must comply with allergen-labelling laws introduced on 13 December 2014?

The requirements are part of the Food Information Regulations EU1169/2011, issued by the Food Standards Agency and DEFRA.

Food labels already need to include items such as ‘use by’ / ‘best before’ dates, handling / storage / cooking directions, and origin information.

However, food labels must now also provide additional information, including naming allergenic ingredients, and displaying these using legally-defined font type, font size, styles and colours.

Compliance Labelling Solutions Ltd offers you 30 years’ labelling experience, manufacturing food labels in our own fully ISO-accredited factory. If your food labels are not compliant, call us today on 01376 345955 for friendly advice on label options, and a free, no obligation quote.

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